Green microchip art on the Chia blockchain. A series of 64 unique images. Each listed in base-10 and tagged with corresponding binary number.

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Artist’s statement

A single ChipsVerte is both one and many, an individual artifact containing a host of antecedents. As a fusion of technology and art, algorithmic randomness and human selection, each NFT is valued in equal measure by number and aesthetics. Arabic token numbers significant in computing history, such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64, are considered special, as well as repetitive and palindromic binary sequences associated with tokens 5, 21, and 42, among others. In terms of aesthetics, the more artistic the departure from the source, the more valuable the token, with increases in expressionistic pinks and chance circles especially desirable. The convergence of these factors yields tokens with the captivating appeal of color and design and the psychological lure of the meaning of number. Verte in Latin means “summit,” in French “green,” making no. 64, in the eyes of the artist, the most valuable, with the appearance of glitch art in its bold greens and pinks.

The collection is capped at 64 artworks. No additional NFTs will be minted as part of this collection.